Why list building is such a good business model

list building

List building part 2

Why List building is such a good business model

In my previous post on list building I talked about why it’s still the number one business model online.  Forget about online it’s essential to any business that you have a database of customers or leads that either have expressed an interest in your product or service or have purchased from your before that you can go and provide additional services in exchange of value  that’s the key here it has to represent an exchange of value.  Your product or service must exceed the customers expectations in order for theme to come back again and again.

Lets talk about the power of a List building online.

Here is what having a responsive warm email list in any niche online gives you:

1. Positioning and deal flow if you have the asset of a list you are immediately more approachable in terms of doing deals:

  • Being offered lucrative joint venture deals
  • Being seen as the market leader
  • Having the ability to drive traffic
  • Credibility
  • Authority

Deal flow, having people come to you again and again knowing that you have the ability to send prospects or even buyers to an opportunity is an incredible asset to have.

You have a completely sell-able high value asset. In the future when you start analysing exactly how much a subscriber on your list is worth per month that is almost as good as quoting a recurring billing figure!

Lists can be sold in the millions!.  Lots of companies that built a massive list of subscribers that use services for free can be snapped up by larger companies that need a position in the market.  If a company or individual has a business model that just needs qualified leads to plug into the system then having a high value list of subscribers makes you instantly attractive both as a business that you can sell or even lease out or joint venture with.  You must start list building  no matter what!

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One Response to “Why list building is such a good business model”

  1. Florence Baribeau 28. May, 2011 at 1:48 am #


    I enjoyed your informative article, Theo! I totally agree to having your own list, it’s the only way to succeed online. When I first started I joined a few affiliate programs, I realized I was not building my list. I was not aware the importance of a list as I do now, I have learned the hard way!!!

    Thanks to sharing
    Have a beautiful weekend

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