The power of the word FREE in sales copy

Can there be magic words that get people to do things?

Consciously maybe subconsciously definitely.  We all look for value in any which way we can.  Value comes in different forms to different people.  It is by no means a one size fits all factor.  However there are certain words that transcend value to almost anyone.

One such word is the word FREE

People use the internet in two stages, the first is for FREE information, and the second is them to make a more specific search query to perhaps make a purchase.  The mere fact that people are wanting free info from the start should be like a light bulb turning on!  What if you could be the site that gives the free info with a view to build that all important relationship?  You would build trust and a following.  This means that you can be sure that people will be more likely to buy something of you if you can show them the free value that they were looking for in the first place, see my post on the reciprocation factor which is why this is so important.

There is more way to use free, I’m talking about real sales value propositions at the point of sale.  This is critical in offline sales and online sales.  For example if you can show the prospect that there purchase can be free in a time frame that is like music to their ears, or if they are getting bonus items that are free it again adds a compelling reason to buy there and then.

Here’s an example:

You want to sell a high priced solar panel system which costs over $12,000.  Well that’s a big capital outlay, but by using the solar system in 18 months you not only pay back your investment but you then have the system paid for and essentially get free electricity! And it’s paid for itself, also being free!

When you have an offer give away free bonus items it can completely change the propostion to the prospect. Remember we are always looking for a logical rationilzation to what usually is an emotional reason to buy.  How many times have you wanted to buy something and were on the edge and you shop around and then find an offer with what your looking for except this offer has something thrown in for free?  Everytime for me, sometimes it’s as simple as offering free delivery or free insurance!

Now the proposition is much more attractive! For more information in greater depth and a full video explaining this in more detail get my free video course the backend-income-secrets. I go through this in great detail and also show you how to use two more powerful sales propsotion elements to make your offer so much more powerful along with a whole compendium of knowledge and tools to really build a great business online

Incidently this giving things away for free is agreat lead generation tactic, in fact you can aqcuire prospects much more easily becuase of the reciprocation element that we have already discussed.  Its powerful! Go use it

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