Internet Marketing Tools

Internet marketing tools Here are some powerful Internet Marketing tools and resources


Jing Project.  This is one Internet marketing tool I can’t live without I absolutely love Jing!  It’s free screen capture software that allows you to take screen shots of your desktop in high quality png format.  You can do really easy and cool annotated images with arrows and text boxes.  I use Jing all the time when I’m creating a free report that needs pics to describe some content or a step in a process.  You also can take upto 5 min screen capture video, but it’s limited to swf file formats,  still great for doing free stuff for a quick and dirty instructional video for staff or outsourcers.

Gimp – I havn’t played around with it enough as I have the full CS4 package which gives me photo-shop and fireworks, but for a free version it’s pretty awesome and a toned down verizon of photoshop.


Whilst not an essential Internet Marketing tool, more and more video is being seen as the gold standard for digital education products and where live video is concerned you may need something like this. For screen capture I only really like two bits of Kit. Camtasia for the PC and Screenflow for the mac.  I have moved to Mac recently, its just much slicker and quicker for video and multimedia.  If you like all those slick looking launch style videos they are all done using keynote on the mac and screenflow to record it with.  Like I said the mac software like keynote smokes PowerPoint for beauty and doing ultra cool transitions which allows you to create really professional style pre launch and launch content style content videos. 

Video submission software

Traffic Geyser – This is by far the best video submission software on the market.  In a nutshell what it does is it submits your video in multiple formats to over 35 video and audio submission sites.  What this does is utilises Googles search index by submitting web 2.0 content if you look at how google presents search results you can see that it rates video very highly so you can dominate the front page of Google just by firing different videos and letting traffic geyser submit them to all the sites fro you at the press of a button.  To do this manually would take you all day! I highly recommend it.  You can see traffic geyser here

Tube Mogul

Tube Mogul is like Traffic geyser it sends out your videos but to a much lesser degree you.  No way as powerful but for a free service it’s worth using to get your videos indexed and moving. Tube Mogul

Video Editing Software

SONY Vegas Platinum

There are loads of editing tools out there and for basic videos, windows movie maker will do as it comes with your pc and laptop you can start there.  If you want to really start making some cool transitions and edit much more productively I recommend Sony Vegas.

It’s not the most powerful video editing tool – The gold standard arguably is the Adobe range of premier and after effects, but to be honest even though I have those programs with my CS3 suite the learning curve for me was too long.  Sony Vegas wins on cost and speed and ease of use.  It’s the Platinum and platinum pro editions I recommend.  You don’t need to go for Vegas pro as that is high end production.  By the way you can download Sony Vegas free for 30 days here

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