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Total Twitter Training

Fully training course on using twitter for social media and engaging  prospects in your market or niche.   There are so many twitter products out there that promise the world with regard to making easy online money.  Lots of twitter automated scripts ect that basically builds your followers on auto pilot for you.  The truth of the matter is that twitter is social media and you just can’t automate the buying process which needs the human natural aspect first.  It  is not about how many twitter followers you have but the real relationship your have within that community.  If you add incredible value and become the authority through social aggregation of information you then have a presence to build strong relationships that can be turned into revenue.  Total twitter training show you just how to do this in twitter.  It gives over 90 minutes free twitter training on how to create your first twitter profile right through to creating a custom background and writing engaging tweets to attract prospects and followers the right way.  This twitter product has been downloaded over 8,000 times and had a membership site of over 7000 people.  Get your free twitter training videos

Backend Income

backend sales

This is a 2 hours free video course which shows you how to design your sales funnel online.  It goes into great depth of planning your first Internet marketing product, how to create unique value propositions to differentiate yourself from your market, how to understand how to create powerful calls to action with a built in copy writing tool and a detailed backend sales funnel to maximize revenue, and much much more.  Learn more about sales funnel design

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