List building – How to build a list in any niche

list buildingThe power of  List building

Ok this is what you do to build a list.  Hopefully if you have been following these blog posts yo know that every thing  you do online should be geared in someway to attract , retain and sell to your own list again and again.

Here are some sure fire ways to start list building in any market or niche.

1. List building  through community sites.

Ok so you are an expert in your own right.  All you need to so is build a presence online in some niche forums and community sites that will provide a ready made source of traffic for you list building efforts. To do this simply Google you keyword or niche or topic and under the discussions search results on the left had side, click that link and find the forums which are heavy with interaction, daily posts and with the relevant topics and threads that you can start posting in.

List building using forums

The key with forum posting is to use the signature link to drive people back to your website which should have a web form on there to capture traffic on to your list.  If you spend 20-30 minutes a day answering questions, posting debates and starting conversations in forums you will in no time at all attract a loyal following that value your opinions and content. You can easily become an authority in just 30 days if you add value first and never think about selling.  The money will come from your list building efforts later when you  send traffic that you have obtained from the forums to affiliate offers or your won paid products.

You can apply the forum posting model for list building to build authority, and traffic to any online community site where you have the ability to register and have signature files or links where people cna see your profile and if they wish be directed to your own web pages.  30 days of posting on 3-4 different sites every day will be a serious good effort in list building and will build you a small quality list fast.  When I say community sites I also mean social networking communities such as the host of social bookmarking sites, linked in, digg, facebook and so many more thar are cropping up with an inbuilt community and subscriber feature.  For example with linked in you can easily join 50 groups of your particular niche send out a brpadcast inviting group memebers to an online even such as  free webinar which requires an optin from to register and guess what you will  be list building  effortlessly as these social communities spread the word for you as they tell  people just like facebook does who is attending a particular event.

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