List Building – Fast Track Your List Building with Joint Ventures! prt11

list buildingList Building – Fast Track Your List Building with Joint Ventures!

Now here is the creme de la creme that no body really talks about to help jump start a list to several hundred  that takes 5 minutes to do!  If you do all of  the things mentioned in previous blog posts  you will build a list, slowly and surely of high quality leads as you have had a conversation with them.

Here is the way I went to another levelof list building  super quick:

Use JV giveaways.  JV giveaways still work they are not talked about much , they are not the holly grail of  list building especially in terms of  building a massive list, I use them to kick start a list to get to a couple of hundred relatively easily and then combined with other strategies of blog posting, forum posting and yahoo answers, and various social media interactions you have got some good traffic sources.  List building this way should get you to 500 fairly quickly, once you hit 500 that in my opinion is the magic number or I should say the bear minimum to start being able to use that list to make money and to get traffic, with 500 on your list even with an average open rate of 10% you should be able to generate  20-25 clicks per email meaning  now you can send a noticeable amount of traffic to offers and most importantly to OTHER jv partners.  Now you can start ad swapping which is using your list with another marketer’s list to send each other traffic and both build your lists.  This is incredibly easy and powerful to do and it amazes me how little people know about this this list building strategy.  Well that in a nutshell is how to start list building  from scratch you now now exactly how to do it!

If you found this list building series useful then leave a comment and share this as really you have all the instructions you need to get going.

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