List Building – Building Your List in the IM Niche

list buildingList Building – Building Your List in the IM Niche prt 9

When it comes to easy list building – I say go for the biggest pie with the biggest pay day – its’ the fastest way to lifestyle changing income

The most cost effective time effective way for list building in this niche is is to use joint ventures. This is what I recommend.  Build a starter list if you can get to a list of 500 you can start using your list to leverage and attract other list owners and do what is known as a reciprocal mailing or an adswap more on that later.

This is what you do, or shall I say this is what I did to get fast list building on auto pilot!

Simply grab a PLR product on the hot topics in the IM niche, article marketing, more traffic, web2.0. twitter, Facebook, blogging etc you got the idea.  If you can knock out a quality report yourself great if not use PLR. 7-10 pages in 16pt font is all you need.

Go and search the IM forums and blogs and start posting quality comments about your resource or product i.e how to add to the conversation.  Informing people without being promotional.  In your resource link have a link back to a squeeze page promoting your free report.

3 things are happening by doing this list building strategy

1. You build a conversational style authority worth people in the community that are reading your posts.

2. You build trust and expertise the same time

3. You actually get some back links!

You will be suprised how effective this is.  You have to do it religiously and consistently.  Doing a couple of days here and there is going to get you mediocre results.

You need to get focused for 4 weeks – make a routine to try and get 10-20 blog posts and comments done every single day, this should take you no more than 20-30 mins.  On the weekend spend an hour researching the sites that you want to post on so that you don’t waste time and  all you have to do is just post! Thisis th make or break of list building, if you get focused and take the bull by the horns you can get amazing results.

Now if your getting the traffic but not the subscribers, something is wrong with your squeeze page.  It can be the headline, the offer or a combination of both.  So change it up, but change one thing at aa time, otherwise you will not know what the weak point was.  the easiest way to do this is to split test between two pages changing one element at a time.  The free software to do this with is google optimizer.  It’s 100% free and it allows you to have two versions of your squeeze page online and it rotates between the two 50% of the time, which will give you statistics on which one is working.  It’s about trial and error and changng things up.  With the optimzer and split testing you will soon figure it out and get it working for you.

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