I used a giveaway to start my online business!

Have you heard of Jv giveaways?  They are events that help promoted new internet marketer’s and also allow people interested in internet marketing to download  tons of free information to learn how it all works.  I used a JV giveaway back in Sep 09 and it built my online business from scratch building me an email list and making sales of my freetwittervideos.com $27 product it was the catalyst to making my first $1000 online in just 4 weeks.

They run pretty much every week or so if you are interested in getting a ton information on internet marketing just type into Google ‘Jv giveaways’ If you are ready to start building a list find giveaway that are actively looking for ‘contributors’. A small tip sign up to the facebook group I.M. Giveaways Notifier it let’s you know all the latest giveaways. They work just do it!

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5 Responses to “I used a giveaway to start my online business!”

  1. Virginijus Social Media Guy 08. Sep, 2010 at 11:22 am #

    Hey Theo,
    Are you that guy who gave testimonial for Chuck Mullaney in List Building Seminar in London? I think that was you 🙂 Nice to see you.

    Yea I heard about JV give away events.They are awesome. Many people using to build a list. I tryed but I expected to get some more subscribers.
    I spoken with Reed Florin the other day, he said he might gonna do the next JV Give event on September 24th.

    Theo, how long does take you to build a list of (lets say 1000subcribers) through JV give away events?

    Best Regards,
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  2. thadmin 08. Sep, 2010 at 10:56 pm #

    How long it takes using just Jv givaways? The answer is a subjective and highly unpredictable one:

    It depends on several factors:
    1. who’s running the giveaway i.e how much jv support is behind it
    2. how good is your topic
    3. how good is your copy in the description box
    4. how good is your squeeze page
    5. how good good does your product look it’s got to have unique good looking graphics, and is it unqiue + different and high perceived value even for a report etc.

    In my case I launched 3 websites as you can upgrade and hence grow your list even quicker I got 1000 subscrbers and made my first $1000 online using just JV giveaways in just 30 days that is not the usual story, most people struggle for months if not years to make their first dollar online BUT
    I had the following important factors:
    I had 5% converting oto for $27, I had another oto for $97 and both had downsells
    at approx 50% off and the most imporant factor I had an in built affiliate program which basically recruited affiliates through the jv giveaway.
    I did high value 90 min + video products which were head and shoulders above the rest of the competition since they were not PLR and original as I did them myself.
    PLUS I am laser beam focused where I can knock out product from idea to launch in just a few days.

    So my results are way not typical they are more than exceptional due to the above factors being in place.

    That being said with the right offer and right jv giveaway a good result would be 40-50 subscribers per giveaway.

    Giveaways are there to jump start your list since they take 5 minutes to enter you should be using the other time to get more traffic to your squeeze page through forums, blog commenting, yahoo answers and twitter. combine all those plus giveaway you can hit 500 in a month. They should not be used as a stand alone traffic source to build your list which is where most people go wrong.

    Then go do adwaps with similar list owners and your away
    it all comes down to 30 days of hardcore laser beam focus wanting it so bad you drop everything.

    I hope that helps


  3. Virginijus Social Media Guy 10. Sep, 2010 at 7:03 pm #

    Hey Theo,
    This really helps a lot. Really appropriate taking the time to leave such a long answer.
    You said with the right offer on JV give away should get about 40 -50 subscribers. Is that with upgraded version?
    I do also blog commenting, sometimes forum marketing and traffic exchanges.I am getting couple subscribers a day, but is still not enough, thank again for your advises.

  4. thadmin 10. Sep, 2010 at 10:49 pm #

    Hi, yes you def want to upgrade to get those numbers, remember by upgrading most scripts will allow you to be placed in the random hot downloads, give a certain amount of promo points and also allow you to have text links to your url and also add 1-2 more products so if you think about it you have a much greater net to get people on to your list. I have like dozens of lists so don’t just have one offer , have a few and see which ones work. You can create a simple report for about 6-7 pages that will do.
    My tip to upgrading is looking at the activity before the giveaway goes live, see who is signing up to it via facebook, there is a group for jv givaways, also look at the incentive i.e big cash prizes usually gets a lot of jv support.

    The other thing YOU MUST do is segment your lead sourses as all leads are not equal you will end up with a diluted trash list that hardly performs. so segment with different squeeze pages using ad tracking feature of different web fomrs. they all go onto the same list but at least when you come to braodcast or follow up you can choose which segments to mail to. They behave differently. Or if you ahve 2-3 main lead sources I would vraete sepeate list that gives you evnmore testing flexibility. My paid search lists are so differt to jv mailing sand endorsed integration ads. this will be important later whne you get enough numbers to start doing jv’s with peopel and you need your list t perfrom.

  5. Remco de Vries 27. Sep, 2010 at 4:33 am #

    nice one..

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