Google alerts for lead generation in just minutes

Here’s a dynamite way to grab targeted leads and make your lead generation tactics leap frog into another level using google alerts.

I have to give credit to Ross Goldberg for this article, but felt compelled to share theis great strategy:

1. Choose your keywords that you are looking to target in your niche or markert

2. Turn your keywords into questions that would be posed into the search engines from prospects so for example; “Back Pain”, is your key word,
now turn it into a questionthat peopl looking for the solution to that problem would ask, eg. ‘how to cure back pain?’ or ‘best pack pain treatments?’
You get the idea.

Generate a healthy dozen or so questions around these keywords using the full quotation marks and question mark symbol.

3. Open a Gmail account if you don’t have one already, if not create an account associated wit the keyword you are focusing on, for ease of remembering.

4. Creat google alerts, this is where the magic begins, create an individual google alert for each question on your list, make your new Gmail account as the email destination for the alerts.

Now as soon as the alerts have had a chnace to work 10-20 mins, you will have brand new places of interets where peole are posting these relevent questions. you will have the sites and the address’s of the webistes that are getting these queries, this is why using the quatation marls and questionmarls is essential, as it ensures you only get these exact phrases inside the quotations.

So you can go to sites like blogs, forum and yahoo answers and there yu have a way of finding the needs of people presenting the solution in a non spamming way, pass your authority and then over time turn people listening to your answers into customers!

Remember post answers and build a relationship, and use your link in resource boxes or after you have given a sries of answers that shows integrity and trust

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