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The power of the word FREE in sales copy

Can there be magic words that get people to do things? Consciously maybe subconsciously definitely.  We all look for value in any which way we can.  Value comes in different forms to different people.  It is by no means a one size fits all factor.  However there are certain words that transcend value to almost […]

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Paint a picture to convert your sales copy

Paint a picture to convert your sales copy One of the best ways to get a call to action to get people to buy or download a product is to use the emotional triggers we have looked at in my previous post and assign a story to your copy. For example I want to show […]

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8 Emotional Needs Your Sales Copy Must Have!

Use the top 8 emotional needs that we all need to get concrete conversions There are 8 pre programmed human desires and we can read and see about these in many ways I’m going to list these for you now: The top 8 things that you need to tap into to make compelling copy that […]

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