Building your email list through giveaways

Jv giveaway have been going since the start of the internet,  at first they were red hot to get a flurry of subscribers and build your list, in more recent times they are more ‘luke warm’ in terms of their affect to build giant email lists.  In fact part of the reason is that they have been done so many times and that there are so many ways to list build now, twitter and face book and social bookmarking comes to mind as the most recent advances to list building.  However I have participated in some recent giveaway events and I still think they have some worth especially to get a  bump for new subscribers to your list and a quick and easy way to get exposure to your new products, after all you will be seeing other professional internet marketer’s seeing your product listed amongst theirs that where I see a real hidden value, you get to see other jv partners and they get to see your product you can see who has the quality product and the right sales funnel etc.
Jv giveaway’s work by you as contributor uploading a free gift for non contributor’s i.e. the general public who are looking for info marketing products, they then get to access a market place full of hundreds of contributors products and they can then optin for your products.  This works two ways you get a free subscriber and build your optin list and the JV giveaway creators also get to build their lists and often they have front end offers build into the script so they make money from sheer traffic of members signing up.  You also can upgrade your status as a premium or elite contributor and they basically ensure your products are at the front of the picking order this getting more traffic and subscribers.

You will have to promote and get members to come to the giveaway event otherwise your ranking slides down and your product gets less exposure.  But to be honest It’s a great way to get a minimum of 50-100 subscribers for free, in fact you can probably get 200 if your good and that’s not bad for a few days work! Here is a typical high quality jv giveaway that running for the next 10 days, you need a free gift to start your sales funnel of to capitalize

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2 Responses to “Building your email list through giveaways”

  1. Ryan Martinez 24. May, 2010 at 6:12 pm #

    Any tutorials out there how to become expert in List Building ?:’.

  2. thadmin 20. Jun, 2010 at 8:27 pm #

    Hi Ryan,

    funny you should say that I am actually creating a course on list building that is designed purely for the beginner that does not rely on paid traffic that any one can tap into and that is fun to do.

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