Building Value and a customer relationship is key to online success

Building Value and a customer relationship is key to online success

I highly recommend anyone who is involved in sellling either online or offline to go buy the book by Robert Cialdini:  ‘Influence – The Psychology of persuassion’  there are some fundamental elements that human beings respond to.  It has got dozens of examples of how we act and behave in certain situations.  One of the precepts that is essential to selling is that of Reciprocation.

Reciprocation is where a relationship can start, it is simply the act of  receiving something for nothig and returning a favor or act we are in fact  hard wired 9 times out of 10 to  subconsiously to return favors.  This is for the good of the species.  Interestingly enough the retrun act does not have to be proportional to the first act.

For example someone gives you a free can of Coke, then that person who gave asks the receiver to drive them to an event in their car on the weekend, the person being asked who received the Coke is more likley to say yes because of the reciprocation factor

So applying this is essential to building value, you may have seen it before you are given a free gift or free sample to enjoy and the quality of the gift has been high enough to give you value by you spending your time to read or use the gift.  This has started a relationship as you now are happy to receive more info or are in more of an open mind to purchase a product knowing that if a free gift has validated the quality then a paid product can only be just as valuable if not more

This is just touching the surface and is part of the whole sale flow process to maximizing your revenue online.  You can learn much more by downloading my free Video tutorial home study course the backend income

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