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Theo Handen

Theo Handen is a full time Internet Marketer coming from over 7 years of corporate sales in one of the most difficult and challenging sales environments – The UK Pharmaceutical industry, also known as medical sales it is well renowned for the extensive face to face advanced sales training needed to be successful in this market.   The typical sales call lasts for less than 5-7 minutes, often you have just 30 seconds to figure out your openinga nd what style to appraoch the customer with, meaning you have to learn how to think on your feet,  find an attractive value proposition and also figure out the personality style to ‘flex’ to in order to engage and add value to the prospect.

This basically set Theo up for the perfect move into Internet Marketing where being able to see opportunity, and create value is the most fundamental skill to be able to do in order to advise in almost any niche or market.

Theo came into Internet marketing by accident, having a six figure property portfolio that got hit hard in 2009 due to the recession and loss of income for the rental market he had to figure out a marketing strategy to manage a 6 figure mortgage outlay.

The only choice was to go online.  So in march 2009 he learned dream-weaver solely to market his properties which he lived over 150 miles away and found that there was an opportunity to get tenants away from the bigger landlords and companies who were inexperienced or did not know how to market online.  in just 3 months He managed to rank his website in the #2 listing on the front page of Google for several keywords and turn around a £2000 a month loss into a £1500 profit.  So in June 2009 he decided to to go into Internet marketing full time.

In September 2009 he launched his first website www.backend-income-secrets.com which made over $500 in the first month.  He then replicated this with his very successful site freetwittervideos.com. A one time fee membership site which makes several thousand dollars a month and builds an email list on auto pilot everyday, this was the site that really built his list and gave him success very quickly.  The success of this site is down to Theo’s intelligent use of creating a ‘viral site’ which became a self propagating lead generation  and sales website.  It allows each lead or active subscriber to become an affiliate with ready made promotional tools such as banners, emails, tell a friend scripts and more.  Thus within just 6 weeks of launching the site it started generating traffic and leads through the affiliates system, effectively becoming a money making ’set and forget website’.

The key to creating a successful Internet marketing website is adding as much intrinsic value as possible.  All of  Theo’s products over deliver in content and value and are aimed at getting results for the end user. Any website that looks to deliver value first and profit second will naturally be successful if put into the right traffic sources and Joint Venture partners.

Not just an Internet Marketer

Theo handen

Theo Handen wbff world championships

Theo also has a passion for Health and Fitness, coming from a competitive track and field background,  he is now enjoying competing and training as a top fitness model which he has just started in 2011. he will be soon launching a fitness website. Having suffered a nasty back injury in late 2010 that took over 4 months to get back to 100% health and having got into ‘pretty bad shape’ Theo decided to use this as postive and he decided to get back into the best shape possible through hours of physio and then comencing on a training program to pack on muscle and get down to single digit fat loss percentages, In just 3 fitness modeling competitions he has finished 5th in the WBFF world Championships in the mens division and also claimed is WBFF pro card, now officially one of the top Wbff pro fitness models in just a few months of serious training!

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